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Portable Generator Reviews: Best Portable Gas Generators

The Best Portable Generator for 2021 | Reviews by WirecutterPortable Generator Reviews: Best Portable Gas Generators

Three “Best” portable generators were selected for review on the ConsumerSearch (CS) website:

  1. Generac 5724.
  2. Honeywell HW2000i.
  3. Briggs & Stratton Elite 30242.

The ConsumerSearch (CS) website published mini reviews of each model, and provides links to longer CS “Our Analysis” reviews of the same portable generators.

ConsumerSearch claims “…at no point are our editors influenced by advertising or other commercial considerations.” The organization investigates and recommends a variety of products. The company, a service of About dot com, provides on-line product ratings and reviews, such as the “Best” wind power generators, “Best” car tires, and the “Best” lawn tractors.

Generac Generators: Model 5724 “Best” Portable Generator Review

The Generac 5724 (est. $450) has a Good Housekeeping Seal giving it an additional warranty for two years in addition to factory warranty coverage. The 5724 received the CS “Best” designation because “ [is] a better bet than similar generators in this price and size class.” The model can run a refrigerator, lights, and a “couple” of lower wattage appliances during a power outage. The generator provides 3,250 watts with 3,750 surge watts.

The Northern Tool + Equipment website provides Generac 5724 owner reviews praising the model and giving it five out of five stars.

The CS “Our Analysis” longer review lists the “pros” for the 5724:

  • The model has a fuel gauge.
  • The 5724 will shutdown when low on oil.
  • The handle folds down.
  • The model has a wheel kit.
  • The 5724 comes with a Good Housekeeping Seal.
  • The Generac 5724 is CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certified.

The “Our Analysis” lists the “cons” for the 5724:

  • The model is not CARB (California Air Resource Board‘s stringent air-quality standards) compliant.
  • The model does not have a DC outlet.
  • The model makes more noise than “similarly sized generators.”

Honeywell Portable Generators with Inverter Technology

The Honeywell HW2000i (est. $500) uses inverter technology for keeping voltage from harming computers and TVs by controlling electric surges. It weighs 58 pounds, and is light enough for camping or tailgating. The model has an economy mode setting which reduces noise and saves fuel.

The HW2000i meets CARB standards, and comes with a two year warranty. Included in this model are two AC outlets and one DC outlet. If the consumer does not need to power electronics (TVs, computers, etc.), a non-inverter generator will deliver twice the power.

Briggs & Stratton Gas Generator Consumer Review

The Briggs & Stratton Elite 30242 (est. $1,000) is powerful enough to run appliances and lights up to a 2,000 sq. foot structure. The model can surge to 8,750 watts and is capable of starting heavy duty motors. The 30242 has an electric starter with four AC outlets, one 30 amp AC locking outlet, and a 30 amp extension cord with four outlets. The model weighs 200 pounds and comes with a two year warranty. A possible downside is the 30242 can burn seven gallons of gas in eight hours.

The ConsumerSearch mini reviews web page provides additional information about each of the three CS “Best” portable generators. The mini reviews page provides links to longer CS “Our Analysis” reviews of the same models, and provides additional links to outside sources reviewing the same portable generator models.